Harlow Shapley Visiting Lectureships in Astronomy

If you would like to apply for a visit from a Harlow Shapley Lecturer, please fill out the form below and click on the "send" button at the bottom. The form will automatically be emailed to the Education Office of the American Astronomical Society. A standard visit is two days and the Shapley Lecture, a free, public lecture should be arranged as part of the visit. We can not guarantee a specific lecturer or subject but we will try to match your requests whenever possible. Each institution receiving a lecturer is expected to contribute $250 in support of the program.

Sponsored by the American Astronomical Society. With support from the Harlow Shapley Visiting Lectureships Endowment Fund

Shapley Visit Request Form For 2012-2013

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Preference as to the date of the visit, the individual speaker, the subject of the public lecture, or the research field of the visitor should be kept as general as possible. Precise dates and visit details will be arranged directly between you and the lecturer once an assignment has been made.
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SPECIAL REQUESTS OR RESTRICTIONS (e.g., prefer to pay all travel expenses in lieu of $250 contribution. Must be arranged in advance of visit)

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